La Liga
14 January 2018
Game week
2 - 1
2 - 4


Willian José (G) 11' (assist by: Xabi Prieto)
1 - 0
Juanmi (G) 34' (assist by: Canales)
2 - 0
2 - 1
39' Paulinho (G) (assist by: L. Suárez)
2 - 2
50' L. Suárez (G) (assist by: L. Messi)
2 - 3
71' L. Suárez (G) (assist by: T. Vermaelen)
2 - 4
85' L. Messi (G)


Minute   Description
Barcelona had to dig deep, but they're able to leave Anoeta with their first league win since 2007 thanks to an excellent second-half performance. It means they remain nine points clear of Atletico Madrid at the top of the table, with Real Madrid now a whopping 19 behind. They're also unbeaten in their last 26 LaLiga games, with 13th-place Real Betis up next for them in the league.
90'+3 Canales steps up and swings in a deep cross from the free-kick, but Ter Stegen is there to push the ball behind for a corner that's also comfortably dealt with by the visitors.
90'+2 Ouch! Oyarzabal charges down the right wing and takes on Pique, who immediately sends the substitute crashing to the ground with a reckless sliding challenge. It leaves the referee with no choice but to award the home side a free-kick and show the defender a yellow card.
90' Luis Suarez makes way for Denis Suarez in Barcelona's final substitution of the evening.
The fourth official has indicated that there will be three minutes of added time.
89' Roberto and Suarez link up really well over on the right wing before the striker breaks into the box. He gets the better of Navas and shoots, but his low strike ends up flying into the side-netting. Rulli looked to have the near post covered.
87' Chance for Canales! A lofted pass is fired deep into the Barcelona half of the pitch and picks out Canales on the edge of the box. The midfielder brings the ball down well and tries to find a team-mate to pass to, but he's unable to do so and instead fires a thumping strike into the wall of defenders camped just in front of him.
85' GOAL! What a strike by Messi! The Argentine leaves Rulli rooted to the spot as he fires a truly world-class shot straight into the top left-hand corner of the net. What a way to wrap up the win!
84' Oyarzabal charges into Suarez and catches the Uruguayan with a slightly high challenge, leaving the striker in a heap on the floor and resulting in a yellow card for the Sociedad substitute. It looks as if Messi is going to shoot from the resulting free-kick...
82' Wonderful play by Messi! The Argentine picks up the ball on the edge of the Sociedad penalty area and immediately flicks it over the head of Zubeldia. He then unleashes a thumping volley that forces Rulli into making a smart save, and Llorente is then able to scoop the ball behind for a corner before Suarez can latch onto it.
80' Barcelona have made a defensive switch, with Gomes making way for Lucas Digne.
78' Sociedad have made their third and final alteration of the game, with Prieto making way for Adnan Januzaj.
77' Sociedad have really struggled since the break, but they're refusing to give up and are continuing to pile bodies forward as they try to get back into the game. They haven't enjoyed much joy inside the final third of the pitch this half, but they're starting to increase the tempos of their attacks.
75' Suarez tangles with Navas 25 yards away from the home side's goal, resulting in another free-kick for Barcelona in a promising position. Messi shoots once again, and this time his curling strike ends up flying just a few yards wide of the near post.
73' Sociedad quickly push forward from the restart and do well to carve out a chance on goal, but Oyarzabal's first-time half-volley is slightly overhit and sails several yards over the top of the crossbar.
71' Vermaelen met the ball well, but Sociedad really should have done much better defensively. They were caught all at sea, allowing Suarez to sprint into the penalty area far too easily.
GOAL! Barcelona are in front! A poor attempted clearance from Rulli can only find Vermaelen on the halfway line, allowing the Belgian to send a long-range header through the Sociedad back line and into the box. Suarez easily meets it before sidefooting a clever strike past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net.
70' Dembele is brought into the game for the first time by a clever pass down the right wing. The young Frenchman bursts towards the edge of the penalty area and fires a cross into the middle of the box, but it's poorly hit and can only find the hands of Rulli.
69' Excellent play by Barcelona! Messi quickly cuts inside from the right flank and chips a lovely cross straight into the path of Alba. The full-back is all alone, but he decides to cut the ball back instead of unleashing a first-time shot. There's nobody there to meet it, however, and Sociedad are just about able to hold on.
68' Great defending by Roberto! Once again, a swinging cross from Prieto causes all sorts of problems for the Barcelona back line as it curls into the heart of the box. It looks set to pick out Jose, but Roberto is there to beat the Brazilian to the ball at the vital moment.
66' Alba gets himself into a good position over on the left flank after bursting forward on a quick run down the wing. He gets himself into a pocket of space and cuts a pass back to Gomes, who tries to shoot from the edge of the box but can only scuff the ball straight into the hands of Rulli.
65' Barcelona have made their first substitution of the night, with Ousmane Dembele coming on to replace Paulinho.
64' Messi does decide to unleash a shot from the set-piece, but his curling effort is underhit and fails to beat the wall of white and blue shirts camped in front of him.
63' Messi embarks on another excellent run as he heads towards the hosts' penalty area, but he's tripped over from behind by Illarramendi and wins Barcelona free-kick in a promising position. It's in shooting range...
62' Sociedad get themselves in a good position deep down the left wing before a looping cross is fired towards the far post. It looks set to pick out Prieto in front of goal, but Vermaelen is there to nod the ball behind for a corner before it's able to do so.
60' A decision doesn't go Barcelona's way and Roberto has slightly too much to say about it, resulting in him receiving the first yellow card of the game for dissent.
59' Juanmi receives a rousing round of applause from the home fans as he's replaced by Mikel Oyarzabal.
58' Messi drops deep once again before bombing forward on a great run. He heads towards the Sociedad penalty area before poking a clever pass through to Paulinho, who looks set to penetrate the box but is flagged offside before he can do so.
56' After receiving medical attention for a few moments, Zurutuza is helped off the pitch by the Sociedad staff to be replaced by Igor Zubeldia.
54' There's some concern on the Sociedad bench, as David Zurutuza has gone down injured after stretching for the ball. He was trying to dispossess Roberto and immediately pointed to his groin before falling to the floor. It looks as if his game is over.
52' Kevin Rodrigues catches Messi over on the right flank, sending the Argentine crashing to the ground and resulting in a free-kick in a promising position out wide. Barcelona can't make it count, however, as Messi's low cross is easily cleared by the hosts.
50' Messi's run forward was a determined and impressive one, but Andre Gomes deserves plenty of credit, too. He made a clever run into the box and helped drag defenders away from Suarez, allowing the striker to get his shot away.
GOAL! Barcelona have equalised! Messi drops deep and picks up the ball midway inside the Sociedad half of the pitch before bursting towards the box. He pokes a pass over to Suarez and sets up the Uruguayan, who curls a wonderful strike past Rulli and straight into the top right-hand corner of the net.
49' Great goalkeeping by Rulli! A lovely chipped pass is dinked into the Sociedad box and finds Messi, who does really well to round Rulli as he heads towards goal. The Argentine is sent slightly wide, however, allowing the goalkeeper to dive onto the ball and push it behind for a corner.
47' Early chance for Canales! The midfielder, who has really impressed tonight, gets himself into a great position 25 yards away from goal before unleashing a thumping low strike. It's well hit but is comfortably saved by Ter Stegen at the far post.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
Just what is it about Anoeta that Barcelona don't like? The LaLiga leaders have really struggled so far and are lucky to head into the break only a goal behind after Sociedad put in a truly wonderful performance. Jose has led the line incredibly well, leaving the visitors' back line frustrated and under pressure. Barcelona's unbeaten league record is on the line, and they only have 45 minutes left to save it.
45' Jose makes a real nuisance of himself once again, and he's able to win Sociedad a free-kick over on the left wing after being hauled to the ground. It's chipped down the flank and into the path of Juanmi, but the referee blows his whistle for half-time before the home side can do anything with the ball.
43' Barcelona push forward on another determined attacking move and do well to win themselves a free-kick midway inside the hosts' half of the pitch. Messi's ball into the box is a good one and sails over to Pique, who tries to get a shot away but is flagged offside just as he's about to pull the trigger.
41' Almost a chance for Sociedad! A lofted pass is fired deep into the Barcelona half of the pitch and picks out Juanmi, who brings the ball down on the edge of the penalty area before poking it back to Jose. The striker out-muscles his marker and chips a deft pass towards Odriozola, who tries to stop the ball from bouncing behind for a goal-kick but isn't quite able to do so.
39' It's been a difficult 30 minutes or so for Suarez, but he really impressed then. His movement into the box was great, and he put the ball on a plate for Paulinho with his smart cross.
GOAL! Barcelona are back in the game! Alba and Suarez link up once again, and this time it's the full-back who flicks a lovely pass into the path of the Uruguayan. He darts into the box and fizzes a pass across the face of goal, where Paulinho is able to get the better of Rulli with his close-range tap-in.
38' That second goal has really fired up Barcelona, who are already putting in a much better shift inside the final third of the pitch. They're pushing forward with a lot more intensity than they were earlier in the game, with both Roberto and Alba pushing high up the pitch in search of space out wide.
36' Barcelona immediately burst down the left wing as they quickly try and find a way back into the game. Suarez receives the ball deep inside the Sociedad half of the pitch and immediately flicks it on to Alba, who breaks into the box but is flagged offside just as he tries to tee up Messi to shoot.
34' Canales has thoroughly impressed so far, and that pass was the best thing he's done all night. It perfectly split the Barcelona back line in two before picking out Juanmi in a great position in front of goal.
GOAL! Sociedad have doubled their lead! Canales cuts inside from the right flank and sends an absolutely excellent pass straight into the Barcelona box. Juanmi gets the better of every defender before shooting, and his low effort beats Ter Stegen at the near post after being deflected into the back of the net by Roberto.
33' Jose certainly has put in a great shift up front, where his movement and muscle is causing plenty of problems for the Barcelona defenders. Once again he's able to skip away from his marker and pick up the ball in a promising position before being clattered into from behind, resulting in a free-kick.
31' Another great chance for Sociedad! Jose drifts out to the left wing and picks up the ball in a pocket of space, allowing him to fire a great pass through the Barcelona back line and into the path of Canales. The midfielder meets the ball on the edge of the box and quickly shoots, but his low strike is well stopped by Ter Stegen at the near post.
29' Important touch by Navas! Barcelona hit their opponents on a quick counter-attack over on the left wing before a clever pass is chipped into the Sociedad penalty area. It looks set to pick out Suarez in front of goal, but Navas is there to poke the ball behind for a corner.
28' Jose scores again, but it won't count! David Zurutuza dispossesses Rakitic just outside of the Barcelona box, and Jose unleashes another chance on goal. It takes a wicked deflection and flies into the bottom right-hand side of the net, but the Brazilian's celebrations are quickly brought to an end after the referee decides that Rakitic was fouled.
27' Space opens up over on the right flank, and Sociedad immediately make it count. Prieto charges deep into the Barcelona half of the pitch before setting up Canales to shoot, but the latter's low effort from 25 yards out fails to properly trouble Ter Stegen and is easily stopped by the German.
25' The visitors come back once again as they try to carve out a chance on goal, but, once again, they're unable to do so. This time it's Rakitic who clumsily strays offside and is unable to swing a cross into the penalty area after getting himself into a good position out wide.
23' Barcelona are able to regain possession once again and enjoy a decent spell on the ball, but they're unable to do much with it. Gerard Pique breaks into the Sociedad half of the pitch and tries to pick out Alba with his cross-field pass, but it's poorly hit and sails straight into the chest of Odriozola.
21' Sociedad are continuing to dominate possession as they thoroughly enjoy themselves inside the Barcelona half of the pitch. The home side are finding plenty of joy over on the right wing, where Alba is finding himself under a lot of pressure from Odriozola and Prieto.
19' Excellent chance for Canales! Asier Illarramendi chips a beautiful pass over Jordi Alba and down the right wing, where it picks out Odriozola in a promising position. The full-back cuts inside and sets up Canales to shoot, but the midfielder can't quite get the better of the onrushing Thomas Vermaelen.
17' Sociedad certainly look up for the fight tonight, and that perfect start has filled them with confidence. Jose looks particularly fired up, but he's slightly too keen to get forward as he tries to latch onto a clearance from Rulli, resulting in him being flagged offside out wide.
15' Vital block by Raul Navas! An attempted Sociedad comes to an end, and Barcelona quickly hit the home side on a swift counter-attack over on the left flank. It's Ivan Rakitic who breaks into the box before cutting a pass back to Paulinho, who quickly shoots but sees his effort well blocked by Navas before it can test Rulli.
13' Sociedad quickly win the ball back from the restart and win themselves a corner over on the left wing. It's fired in by Sergio Canales and looks set to pick out a team-mate, but it's just about dealt with by Barcelona before it can result in another chance on goal.
11' That really was a wonderful piece of play by Prieto, who has already made a real nuisance of himself out wide. Both he and Alvaro Odriozola are constantly looking to bomb forward when possible.
GOAL! Sociedad have taken an early lead! The Anoeta curse has struck again for Barcelona! Xabi Prieto causes problems over on the right wing before swinging a beautiful cross into the middle of the penalty area. It's brilliantly hit and perfectly picks out Jose, who gets the better of his marker before beating Marc-Andre ter Stegen with a bouncing diving header.
10' Messi goes close! Sociedad are unable to clear the danger from deep inside their own half of the pitch, allowing Barcelona to push forward once again. There isn't much space available on the edge of the box but, as he always does, Messi manages to skip away from three players before shooting. His strike is a good one and ends up curling just wide of the near post.
9' Roberto makes another great run down the right flank after being left in far too much space. He quickly cuts inside and fizzes a dangerous pass across the face of goal, where Suarez throws himself towards the ball but can't get the better of Diego Llorente.
7' Almost a great chance for Roberto! Paulinho and Lionel Messi link up really well just outside of the Sociedad penalty area before the Argentine pokes a lovely pass into the path of Roberto. The full-back charges into the box and looks set to shoot, but, once again, Rulli is there to cut out the danger at the vital moment.
5' Sociedad push forward on their first attack of the game after spending the opening few minutes on the back foot. Willian Jose shows good strength to out-muscle Sergi Roberto as they battle for the ball, but the Brazilian can't quite latch onto a chipped pass and it bounces behind for a goal-kick.
3' Unsurprisingly, it doesn't take Barcelona long to win the ball before bursting forward on a determined attacking move. Luis Suarez sprints into the hosts' box on a wonderful run before taking on Geronimo Rulli, but the goalkeeper does really well to pounce on the ball before the Uruguayan can shoot.
1' We're off! Sociedad get us underway, attacking from right to left.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Barcelona boss Ernesto Valverde has made three alterations to the team that featured in their last league outing, with Javier Mascherano, Andres Iniesta and Ousmane Dembele making way for Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets and Andre Gomes.
Eusebio Sacristan has decided to make two changes to the Sociedad side that lost 1-0 to Leganes last weekend, with Kevin Rodrigues and Juanmi coming into the starting line-up to replace Inigo Martinez and Mikel Oyarzabal, respectively.
Barcelona substitutes: Cillessen, Digne, Mascherano, Vidal, Denis Suarez, Iniesta, Dembele.
Barcelona XI (4-3-1-2): Ter Stegen; Roberto, Pique, Vermaelen, Alba; Rakitic, Busquets, Gomes; Paulinho; Messi, Luis Suarez.
Real Sociedad substitutes: Tono, Gorosabel, Elustondo, Zubeldia, Januzaj, Agirretxe, Oyarzabal.
Real Sociedad XI (4-3-3): Rulli; Odriozola, Llorente, Navas, Rodrigues; Prieto, Illarramendi, Zurutuza; Canales, Jose, Juanmi.
There’s just under 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
Despite their struggles picking up wins, Sociedad have certainly impressed going forward. The 31 league goals they’ve scored has only been bettered by Celta, Real Madrid, Valencia and their opponents tonight, while they boast a remarkable home record against Barcelona. Five of the previous seven LaLiga meetings here have ended in victories for La Real, with the league leader’s last league victory at Anoeta coming way back in 2007.
It’s been a totally different story for Real Sociedad, who are struggling in the wrong half of the table after managing to win just one of their last seven LaLiga games. Last month’s victory at home to Sevilla is the only one they’ve managed to pick up since November, leaving them six points off the Europa League qualification spots in 14th place.
Barcelona have looked absolutely dominant recently, with commanding performances resulting in impressive feats being pulled off at both ends of the pitch. Not only have they won all of their last four league games, they’ve also kept clean sheets in each of those victories, scoring 12 goals in the process. No team outside the top half of the table have avoided defeat against them this season, with only Atletico, Valencia and Celta Vigo managing to come away with draws.
Four consecutive league wins - and eight from their last 10 outings - has left Barcelona in a commanding position at the top of the LaLiga table, and they’ll once again be able to go nine points clear of nearest challengers Atletico Madrid with another victory here this evening. If recent form is anything to go by, the Blaugrana certainly shouldn’t have too many problems picking up all three points.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s LaLiga game between Real Sociedad and Barcelona at Anoeta.


G. Rulli
M. ter Stegen
Diego Llorente
I. Rakitić
Sergio Busquets
L. Suárez
L. Messi
Xabi Prieto
Willian José
Jordi Alba
Álvaro Odriozola
Sergi Roberto
Kévin Rodrigues
André Gomes
Raúl Navas
T. Vermaelen

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José González
Rubén Becerril
Fourth official
Alfonso Vicente

Match Stats

Real Sociedad Barcelona
51 Attacks (Dangerous) 49
7 Corners 3
14 Fouls 14
18 Free Kicks 19
3 Goal Kicks 5
5 Offsides 4
4 Shots (blocked) 3
3 Shots (off target) 3
5 Shots (on target) 1
0 Shots (woodwork) 0
22 Throw Ins 23

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