28 April 2018
Game week
1 - 0
4 - 1
Allianz Arena (München)


N. Dorsch (G) 43' (assist by: S. Wagner)
1 - 0
S. Wagner (G) 76' (assist by: S. Rudy)
2 - 0
2 - 1
78' S. Haller (G)
Rafinha (G) 87' (assist by: Thiago Alcântara)
3 - 1
N. Süle (G) 90' (assist by: Rafinha)
4 - 1


Minute   Description
FULL TIME (BAYERN 4 - FRANKFURT 1) - After going into the half time break holding a 1-0 lead, Bayern came out looking for a way to make the win a certainty. It took a 76th minute goal to Wagner, to give them a 2-0 lead over Frankfurt. Thinking they had done enough, they dropped their guard allowing Haller to tap it past Ulreich in the 78th minute. Frankfurt were alive and threw everything at Bayern, in an attempt to level the scores, but an 87th minute goal to Rafinha put an end to their chances. Sule put the cherry on top of the cake in the 90th minute to deliver Bayern a stunning 4-1 victory over Frankfurt.
90' GOAL BAYERN (Bayern 4 - Frankfurt 1) - Rafinha has a scoring involvement, proving he is the super sub today, as he passes it over to Süle who has a right footed shoot from the middle of the box and it is past Hradecky, going to the bottom left corner of the net. Bayern lead Frankfurt 4-1.
89' Bayern have well and truly banked the three points here today, but it looks like they are not finished yet.
87' GOAL BAYERN (Bayern 3 - Frankfurt 1) - Alcantara with a fast break delivers a wonderful ball into the path of Rafinha, who takes it to the edge of the box, firing it in across the face of goal and into the bottom right corner of the net. Bayern are home, leading Frankfurt 3-1.
83' Bayern need to find a way to kill off this game, as Frankfurt can feel they are a chance here and are looking for a way to level the scores.
81' Play is held up momentarily as Willems is down behind play. He is helped back to his feet and looks like he will be fine to continue on in the match.
80' We certainly have a game on our hands at the moment, with a thrilling final ten minutes to come.
78' Assist Danny Vieira da Costa
GOAL FRANKFURT (Bayern 2 - Frankfurt 1) - Haller has the ball at very close range after it was floated in by da Costa. The Bayern defence try valiantly to clear the ball, but Haller had it in an unbeatable position, where he tapped it into the bottom right corner of the net. Frankfurt are back in this one, as they trail Bayern 1-2.
76' GOAL BAYERN (Bayern 2 - Frankfurt 0) - Rudy takes it to the edge of the box, he stops, props and passes it over to Wagner who chips it from left to the bottom right corner of the net, to give Bayern a 2-0 lead over Frankfurt.
74' Frankfurt appear to have the momentum, as they are looking more dangerous with the ball inside their attacking half.
72' Haller with a wonderful cross into the box, as Wolf gets onto the end of it but his shot on goal is across the face. A chance has gone begging for Frankfurt.
70' Fabian pulls the trigger on goal, but Sule puts his own well being on the line to block the shot and keep the scores at 1-0.
66' SUBSTITUTION BAYERN - Bayern follow suit, making their third and final change, with Frank Evina off and Niklas Süle on.
65' SUBSTITUTION FRANKFURT - Third and final change for Frankfurt, as Branimir Hrgota is off and he is replaced by Sébastien Haller.
63' Hummels gets away from his defender as he streaks through the middle, with the ball ending up being lifted into the box for Wagner, but it is headed over the crossbar.
61' Alcantara pounces onto the spill of the ball outside of the box. He takes a shot on goal but Alcantara's shot is too strong and it is over the crossbar.
59' SUBSTITUTION FRANKFURT - Frankfurt make their second change of the match, as Mijat Gaćinović is off and Marijan Ćavar is on.
58' Hradecky with the fumble, as he is forced to kick it over the sideline, when he realised he was out of his box.
56' SUBSTITUTION BAYERN - Confirmation of that change for Bayern as Meritan Shabani heads off for an early shower and he is replaced by Thiago Alcântara do Nascimento.
55' Bayern are preparing another change, with Alcantara preparing to be injected into the game.
53' Da Costa delivers a great ball for Jovic into the box, he slides in to tap it past Ulreich, but he is unable to make contact with the ball as it flashes across the face of goal.
52' Play is held up momentarily as Rudy receives some attention for an ankle injury. It doesn't look too serious, meaning he should still be able to remain on the ground.
50' Bayern are employing the same passing tactics they used in the first half, chipping it around their defensive half.
48' Frankfurt aren't out of this one, all they need to do is score a goal and they are right back in this contest.
46' SUBSTITUTION BAYERN - Bayern also decide they need a change, with Joshua Kimmich being rested and Márcio Rafael Ferreira de Souza is the man to replace him.
SUBSTITUTION FRANKFURT - Frankfurt make their first change of the match, with David Ángel Abraham making way for Marco Russ.
SECOND HALF - Bayern kick off to get us back under way for the second half.
HALF TIME (BAYERN 1 - FRANKFURT 0) - The whistle sounds for half time and Bayern go into the break holding a 1-0 lead over Frankfurt, after a 43rd minute goal from Dorsch, gave Bayern the lead they deserved to have. Frankfurt also had their opportunities on goal in the first half, but could not find a way to get it past Ulreich.
43' GOAL BAYERN (Bayern 1 - Frankfurt 0) - Wagner feeds it through to Dorsch as Hradecky is off his line. Dorsch has it front and centre inside the box and he taps it into the unmanned goal. Bayern lead Frankfurt 1-0.
42' Jovic is away, there is no offside flag, he pulls the trigger from the edge of the box and Ulreich dives into it to make the save.
40' Gacinovic runs onto the loose ball, which is just inside of the box. He takes the shot with the right boot, but he pulls it away to the left of the goal. So close for Frankfurt as it had Ulreich worried.
34' Dorsch lifts it into the box for Kimmich, but his header is misguided, going out for a goal kick.
32' Kimmich drives it into the box looking for a header, but the ball is intercepted by da Costa and cleared away by Wolf. Great defending by Frankfurt.
31' Falette passes it across the middle of the ground, but he put a little too much on the kick as it goes over the sideline and out of play.
29' Fabian runs it into the box, but he goes without it with the Bayern defenders mopping up to clear up the mess.
28' Shabani has it inside the box, he looks to cross it, but in the end he turns it over and the Frankfurt defence breathe a collective sigh of relief.
26' Frankfurt are making a lot of use of Hradecky to reset, going back to him almost five times in the last three minutes.
24' Bayern are attempting to run the Frankfurt players off their feet with their quick passing game across their defensive half.
21' Frankfurt can sniff their opportunity to beat Bayern is today, but they must be patient and strike at the right time.
19' Fabian gathers it 5m from the box, he strikes it with absolute power, so much so that it flew a mile over the crossbar. Can't blame him for trying!
17' Wagner brings the ball down with his chest, as he strikes for goal from inside the box, bouncing it across the front of goal, forcing Hradecky to push it back into play.
13' Interestingly, the Frankfurt coach Niko Kovac, is showing his future employers what he can do for them at the end of the season. He will be taking over at Bayern once the season ends.
11' Dorsch gives it over to Evina, who puts in the right boot from the left side of the box, looking for the top right corner, but he puts a little too much onto it.
10' Play is held up momentarily as Gacinovic goes down with what looks to be an ankle injury. He comes off to the sideline, for a bit of magic spray and he will be back on right away.
8' Finally, Bayern are able to break through and enter their attacking half, but Wagner halts the momentum, as he gives away a free kick for a handball.
7' Bayern are stringing together a bunch of passes inside their defensive half, as they look for a way into attack. The Frankfurt defence are doing a good job of keeping Bayern inside their own defensive half.
5' It has been a spirited opening from Frankfurt, who have plenty to prove, if they are able to break this drought against Bayern.
3' Kimmich gives it over to Evina who takes a chance on goal from outside of the box, but he flashes it wide of the mark, going out for a goal kick.
2' Hrgota takes it into the box, but unfortunately for Frankfurt, he loses his footing which allows Ulreich to make an easy save.
1' FIRST HALF - Frankfurt kick off and we are under way, in perfect conditions for football.
TEAMS - EINTRACHT FRANKFURT (4-2-3-1) STARTING XI - Hradecky (GK); da Costa, Abraham, Falette, Willems; Mascarell, Gacinovic; Wolf, Fabian, Hrgota; Jovic. SUBS - Zimmermann (GK), Fernandes, Haller, Chandler, Russ, Tawatha, Cavar.
TEAMS - FC BAYERN MUNCHEN (4-3-3) STARTING XI - Ulreich (GK); Kimmich, Mai, Hummels, Bernat; Tolisso, Rudy, Dorsch; Shabani, Wagner, Evina. SUBS - Starke (GK), Sule, Alcantara, Lewandowski, Rodriguez, Rafina, Muller.
Bayern are on top of the ladder and have the upper hand on Eintrach, being unbeaten in their last 13 games. During this period they have won 10 games and drawn three.
Welcome to Allianz Arena for the match between Bayern Munchen and Eintracht Frankfurt.


L. Hradecky
S. Wagner
S. Falette
M. Hummels
L. Jović
M. Fabián
M. Gaćinović
Juan Bernat
J. Willems
L. Mai
M. Shabani
F. Evina
S. Rudy
D. Abraham
C. Tolisso
D. da Costa
S. Ulreich
M. Wolf
N. Dorsch
B. Hrgota
J. Kimmich
Omar Mascarell

Additional info

C. Dingert
T. Christ
Fourth official
C. Gittelmann

Match Stats

Bayern München Eintracht Frankfurt
32 Attacks (Dangerous) 34
1 Corners 2
6 Fouls 7
8 Free Kicks 8
7 Goal Kicks 8
2 Offsides 1
0 Shots (blocked) 3
4 Shots (off target) 5
4 Shots (on target) 3
0 Shots (woodwork) 0
22 Throw Ins 31

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