27 January 2018
Game week
2 - 2
5 - 2
Allianz Arena (München)


0 - 1
3' M. Uth (G)
0 - 2
12' S. Gnabry (G)
R. Lewandowski (G) 20' (assist by: J. Kimmich)
1 - 2
J. Boateng (G) 25' (assist by: A. Robben)
2 - 2
K. Coman (G) 63' (assist by: R. Lewandowski)
3 - 2
A. Vidal (G) 66' (assist by: A. Robben)
4 - 2
S. Wagner (G) 90'
5 - 2


Minute   Description
It's Mainz who Bayern face, a week from now, as they look to keep a hand on the championship trophy - whilst Hoffenheim face up against Hertha BSC next time out as they look to overturn their away record once again. Until then however, thank you for joining us - and have a good weekend!
It's hard to remember that Bayern were 2-0 down after 12 minutes in this game, but Jupp Heynckes' men rallied in impressive fashion to put their opponents to the sword. Five goals, five scorers - Lewandowski, Boateng, Coman, Vidal and Wagner - secured three points for the hosts that further enhance their lead at the top of the Bundesliga. Full time at the Allianz Arena, it finishes Bayern Munich 5-2 Hoffenheim.
90'+2 Hoffenheim look to play one final attack through midfield but are foiled by the full-time whistle; Bayern have won, and in superb fashion.
90' That seals the deal! Wagner gets a fifth goal for Bayern as Muller plays Rafinha into the box and the latter puts a flat pass across the face of goal, where the substitute bundles it in against his former club. 5-2 to the hosts; two added minutes are on the way.
87' Hoffenheim are just struggling to keep any shape now, as Bayern merely play it around them in midfield, pegging them back from any chance of finding a late score.
85' Kimmich is the final change of the game, with Sandro Wagner the man making a late cameo.
83' Rudy puts a shot over the crossbar from 20 yards out for Bayern as the hosts - who have slowed down in the last ten minutes - look to add one more goal to cap off an excellent second-half display.
81' Kramaric pokes a mild shot through from the left side of the penalty area that Ulreich merely strolls forward to deal with; the fire inside Hoffenheim has faded from the first half.
79' Grillitsch chips a short ball from the right into the box looking for Uth; instead, Sule is first to it and clears with ease.
77' Bayern make a second change now, as Robben is replaced by Rafinha.
76' Muller lofts a cross into the box, looking to find a header from Lewandowski; Baumann raises above him to claim and hold out a fifth Bayern goal.
74' Sloppy errors slipping in for Hoffenheim now too; Gnabry looks to try and reach a ball delivered by Kramaric, only for the pass to run too wide and long for his position, trickling out for a throw-in.
72' Indeed, a through-ball to Uth now earns a corner for Hoffenheim as the striker forces Sule to put it out. Alas, the visitors can't muster anything worthwhile and the first man - Alaba- clears for Bayern.
70' Bayern scored two goals quickly in the first half to level the game of course, but it's hard to feel that Hoffenheim could muster such a response now as they trail. The visitors are starting to tire, though Uth still looks sparky up front.
67' Hubner is off, the final change for Hoffenheim now - and Andrej Kramaric is on in his place.
66' Replays show that the ball clearly crossed the line too, despite Hoffenheim's attempt to clear. Credit to Robben again, who turned in a lovely corner to be put into the net once more. 4-2 to Bayern.
Two goals in three minutes for Bayern - after a moment of confusion! Robben turns in the corner from the right, and puts it long, finding Vidal at the far post. The midfielder heads it into the goal mouth, where Hubner heads it back out to Baumann who clears - and after a moment of confusion where several Munich players have wheeled away in celebration, the goal is awarded!
Muller gets in on the action quickly too, darting into the box and supplying a cross that Vogt puts out over the crossbar. Corner to the hosts.
64' As celebrations die down for the goal, Bayern make their first change; Tolisso is replaced by Thomas Muller.
63' Lewandowski is the man who supplied a lovely tap-on - with Coman just keeping himself onside too. A well-worked goal for the lead.
Is that the matchwinner? Coman drills low from the left of the box after sidestepping Vogt and buries the ball in the bottom-right corner under Baumann. Bayern have the lead - and possibly the three points.
62' The corner is cleared as far as Hubner, but Bayern turn up the pressure and force the visitors into retreat.
61' If either side is to find a winner here, you'd back Bayern. The league leaders have shown more teeth in the last half hour than their opponents - though as Uth sees a shot deflected for a corner, it's clear that Hoffenheim are still harbouring their own hopes of victory.
59' A change in the build-up too, as Rupp departs and is repalced by Nadiem Amiri.
Corner to the hosts now, as Robben sees his effort from the right deflected. The striker turns it in himself and finds Boateng - but this time, the defender's header sails over the crossbar with little to trouble Baumann.
57' Free-kick to Bayern as Lewandowski is brought down in a rather soft challenge from Kaderabek, just inside their own half.
55' Gnabry is clattered to the ground just outside the Bayern box under pressure from Boateng; the defender whips it downfield to start a counter-attack that ends with Vidal putting a ridiculous side scissor-kick shot on from outside the box that loops over the defence and Baumann is forced to dive to cover. If he'd netted, that would have been outrageous.
53' It's a poor effort from the visitors though, with Akpoguma missing his header and the hosts whip it away into midfield at speed.
52' Grillitsch appeals for a corner and gets one for Hoffenheim after Sule was deemed to have deflected the ball out in a challenge inside the Bayern box.
50' It was Bayern who had the lion's share of possession and attempts on goal in that first half - 65 percent and 14 to 3 respectively - but Hoffenheim are more than holding their own against the league leaders. Kimmich goes down under pressure and appears to be in some discomfort; play is waved on by the referee.
48' Lewandowski feels that he should have got a free-kick, or possibly a penalty as Vogt muscles him off the ball in the midst of an attacking run on the Hoffenheim box, allowing the ball to trickle to Baumann. The referee waves him away as the visitors begin to work it out of their half.
46' We're back underway at the Allianz Arena, with a half-time change too for Hoffenheim; Bicakcic is replaced by Kevin Akpoguma.
When Hoffenheim ran into a two-goal lead within 12 minutes, it looked like Bayern had been caught unaware by their visitors. Two goals in return though, for Lewandowski and Boateng, cancelled out the efforts of Uth and Gnabry, leaving the score level and the game finely poised as we head into the break. At half-time, it's Bayern Munich 2-2 Hoffenheim.
45'+1 Bayern have a last bite of the cherry, as Robben puts a flying header wide and high on the right - and as Baumann returns with a goal-kick, the referee blows for half-time!
45' One added minute on the way in this half.
44' Lewandowski is the latest Bayern man looking to find a goal to give his side the lead; caught in a tight spot at the near-left post, he blasts his effort way over the crossbar.
42' Alaba is played a cut-back pass and handed a chance to strike a shot through a cluttered box; instead, he opts to play right for Coman and entirely misjudges the angle, putting the ball out for a goal-kick.
40' Kimmich looks to plant a header in as Robben crosses from the right now; Vogt instead gets there first and heads it away himself.
38' Chance for Alaba! What a shot from the Bayern man, who nearly hands his side the lead with a cracking shot from just outside the box that he lifts just wide of the right post.
37' Two quick lapses at the back gives Hoffenheim a sniff through Uth but Ulreich is able to clean up his tame shot with relative ease.
34' The free-kick lays up a half-chance for Robben, as Vidal is able to slip a neat ball through - but the striker can't control his second touch and the ball spills out wide under pressure from Hubner. The Hoffenheim man is booked for his tackle - but no penalty or free-kick is strangely given.
33' Free-kick now to Bayern just inside the Hoffenheim half out wide on the right as Tolisso is fouled by Zuber.
31' Coman goes close as Vidal lofts a cross from the right into the box that just runs ahead of the striker - amid cries for a penalty as Kimmich goes down in the box that are waved away by the referee.
29' Offside now against Uth as he slips past the defenders too early to take on a pass from Geiger.
27' It's a footballing feast for the eye so far in Munich, as Gnabry tries to break free of defenders trapping him out wide on the left. The striker can't get away and Bayern reclaim the ball through Boateng.
25' Robben got a wonderful dip on his corner there, just managing to float it past the first two walls of Hoffenheim defenders. Munich have erased their early deficit in some style.
And just like that, we're all square! It's the fourth goal in under 25 minutes as Boateng heads home Robben's corner kick at the far left post. Hoffenheim leak their second of the afternoon - and the scores are tied at the Allianz Arena.
24' Corner to Bayern now as a long ball is bustled out of play on the right by Hubner under pressure from Robben.
22' Bicakcic gets a booking now for a foul on the left side of the box from which Coman swings a free-kick in - and Baumann pushes away for Vogt to clear.
21' Kimmich got his chance for a shot after Coman cut in on the left of the box, then cut back a cross to Tolisso on the right, who clipped it briskly to the defender at the edge of the box. Hoffenheim will be annoyed with that rather soft effort.
Lewandowski gets one back for Bayern! It's a poacher's goal for the striker, hitting a Kimmich shot from just inside the box as it reaches Baumann, to poke it between the keeper's legs. Still, regardless of who scored it, the hosts have cut the gap to one - and are right back in this game.
19' A wasteful chance for Tolisso as the midfielder puts a long, looping shot on the Hoffenheim box that Baumann collects on the full.
17' This is a rather wonderful showing from Hoffenheim so far, as Gnabry nips in on a pass between Rudy and Tolisso to sweep it away and create a semi-chance for himself. The visitors are refusing to relinquish their grasp on the game so far.
15' Hoffenheim's effort to swing it in doesn't quite pay off, allowing Bayern to counter with a long ball. Coman times his run brilliantly to stay onside - but Baumann comes out of his box and heads it away with a daring, flying leap to see off the threat.
14' That chance for Gnabry came around from a loose touch at the back by Boateng, who put it into the path of the Hoffenheim striker somewhat carelessly. A fair bit of work for Bayern to do now to get themselves back into this game, as the visitors earn a corner.
12' Oh my word, what a goal from Serge Gnabry! The Hoffenheim man - on loan from Bayern of course - doubles his side's lead with a 25 yard strike outside the box from centre-field that buries itself in the bottom-left corner past a gobsmacked Ulreich. The visitors are two goals up in 12 minutes against the league leaders.
9' Hoffenheim look rather composed so far, with their one goal lead, as Vogt plays a lovely pass through to Rupp in midfield to cut off a Bayern attack. The hosts are still looking the more dangerous of the two though, despite trailing...
7' A great slide tackle from Vidal takes the ball off Bicakcic on the edge of his box and the Bayern man crosses to the far right post looking for Lewandowski; again, Baumann is quick to claim in the air and defuse any danger.
5' Bayern are not taking that goal on the chin and immediately are back in the Hoffenheim box after the restart. Robben lofts a cross in from the right for Coman; Baumann is able to climb above the striker though and collects under pressure.
3' Gnabry goes for the bottom left corner - and Ulreich deflects! The ball bobbles away from the keeper though and Uth is the quickest to react, darting in and tapping it in by the right post before anyone else can react - Hoffenheim have the lead!
Gnabry will rue that shot himself; a poor, rather flat-footed effort that he clearly telegraphed to the keeper. Still, his side are ahead - the question now is whether they can stay that way.
2' Penalty to Hoffenheim! Bayern are furious as the referee points to the spot after Gnabry is fouled by Kimmich on the edge of the box - but the decision stands. It'll be Gnabry himself to take...
1' We're underway in this Bundesliga clash! Bayern are playing from right to left, in red - and it's Alaba who has the first chance of the game, cutting down the left wing into the Hoffenheim box and putting a low shot on the keeper Baumann who calmly saves.
The teams are out at the Allianz Arena...
Sandro Wagner scored 18 goals and recorded six assists in 50 competitive appearances for Hoffenheim before joining Bayern during the winter break. He became a Germany international during his time in Sinsheim.
Robert Lewandowski has scored in all nine of Bayern’s home matches this term. His boss holds the overall league record (opening 11 of a season whilst with BMG).
Nagelsmann is yet to lose against Bayern as a head coach (W2, D1; 2.33 points per game) – Kuno Klotzer and Ernst Happel are the only coaches to start their Bundesliga careers with a four-game unbeaten run against the record champions.
Thomas Muller scored his 100th Bundesliga goal last time out in what has been another stellar season for the Bayern man. He has been directly involved in six goals in the last four outings at home, netting two and assisting four more. Only FCA’s Philipp Max (9) has provided more assists than Muller this term (7).
A fun fact here; this game features the largest age gap between managers in the Bundesliga top flight, with 42 years separating Bayern's Jupp Heynckes and Hoffenheim's Julian Nagelsmann, the league’s oldest and youngest coaches respectively. The former had been involved in 641 top-flight matches, as both a player and manager, before the latter was even born.
Subs: Stolz, Schulz, Amiri, Zuli, Akpoguma, Kramaric, Szalai
HOFFENHEIM (3-5-2): Baumann; Bicakcic, Vogt, Hübner; Zuber, Kaderabek, Grillitsch, Geiger, Rupp; Gnabry, Uth
Subs: Starke, Wagner, Ribery, James, Rafinha, Bernat, Muller
BAYERN MUNICH: Ulreich; Boateng, Alaba, Sule, Kimmich; Vidal, Rudy, Tolisso; Lewandowski, Coman, Robben
Team news is in now…
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2017-18 Bundesliga as runaway leaders Bayern Munich host Hoffenheim at the Allianz Arena. The hosts are unbeaten in 31 home games, their longest run since 2003 – but can their opponents overturn a dire away record to chalk up a shock win today? Kick-off is just around the corner.


O. Baumann
P. Kadeřábek
N. Süle
E. Bičakčić
L. Rupp
R. Lewandowski
A. Robben
F. Grillitsch
S. Zuber
J. Boateng
S. Rudy
M. Uth
B. Hübner
K. Vogt
A. Vidal
C. Tolisso
S. Ulreich
D. Alaba
K. Coman
S. Gnabry
D. Geiger
J. Kimmich

Additional info

M. Gräfe
M. Sinn
A. Blos
Fourth official
T. Gerach

Match Stats

Bayern München Hoffenheim
37 Attacks (Dangerous) 19
3 Corners 4
6 Fouls 21
24 Free Kicks 9
1 Goal Kicks 12
3 Offsides 3
2 Shots (blocked) 2
9 Shots (off target) 0
5 Shots (on target) 1
0 Shots (woodwork) 0
26 Throw Ins 12

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