18 November 2017
Game week
2 - 0
3 - 0
Allianz Arena (München)


A. Vidal (G) 31' (assist by: N. Süle)
1 - 0
R. Lewandowski (G) 38' (assist by: A. Vidal)
2 - 0
R. Lewandowski (G) 49' (assist by: J. Kimmich)
3 - 0


Minute   Description
FULL TIME! Bayern take the three points in this one. That's all from us this afternoon, thanks for joining us for this Bundesliga clash at the Allianz Arena.
90' This win takes Bayern Munich nine points clear at the top of the Bundesliga, with Heynckes' getting his 500th victory as a coach. The home side have looked comfortable all afternoon and never looked like losing.
87' Both sides are playing now like they want the final whistle! Bayern Munich have been absolutely brilliant, and Augsburg haven't been poor, but they've been outplayed in this fixture and unable to compete with the hosts.
85' Augsburg find themselves with rare opportunity to get a ball into the Bayern box from a corner kick. However, Max's delivery is greeted by Hummels who heads away the danger.
83' Ji comes on for Finnbogasson.
The theme for this match has been the quality of the delivery by Bayern Munich. From the off the home side have been attempting to use their ability to put in fantastic balls and it's paid off for Heynckes' team.
81' A corner for Bayern Munich as Rudy shields the ball out of play. Kimmich whips a dangerous cross into the middle and the ball falls into a sea of players with Finnbogasson eventually clearing for the away side.
80' Rudy is given the final ten minutes as Vidal comes off.
79' Bayern are just merely knocking the ball around the midfield and defence now and waiting for Hummels to pull out a long pass which he almost manages to do with Kimmich just running out of pitch to get on the end of it.
78' Tolisso is introduced for Robben.
76' Whilst Augsburg were going to have difficulty finding any route back into this fixture, their defensive move is giving them little opportunity to counter-attack now. Both Sule and Hummels now have the ability to sit on the halfway line and provide support for the midfield.
74' Alaba comes on for Bernat
73' CLOSE! After Vidal was fouled in the back, a cross was whipped to the back post towards the midfielder from James. Just as he looked certain to score Danso leaped to head the ball away from danger.
71' Bayern are playing comfortably with this three goal lead and don't seem as if they're stressing to get any more. With Augsburg moving more defensively, it may start to become more difficult for Heynckes' side.
69' Augsburg are going for damage limitations now as Caiuby comes off for Stafyldis.
68' CHANCE! Robben uses his pace to dribble into the box and cut a cross back into the middle. However, there are no red shirts arriving in the middle to convert the effort past Hitz.
66' Opare is playing very well for Augsburg in this match. The wing-back has had a lot to deal with, but he seems capable of dealing with most of it as Hummels tries to dummy a ball past him but he was able to read the danger.
64' STAT: This is the best start (11 matches) Augsburg have had in the Bundesliga.
62' The stats in this match make for interesting viewing, with Bayern only registering two more shots on target in this fixture. However, evidently it's a case of being able to take your chances with the hosts leading by three goals.
60' A like-for-like sub as Schmid comes on for Heller.
Vidal is doing a great job of committing fouls at the correct time when Augsburg just look as if they're going to apply some pressure on the home side. It's looking as if the frustration is attempting to build for Baum's team.
58' A real opportunity for Augsburg to cause some trouble as Caibuy and Heller escape to chase down a 50/50 with Rafinha. However, unfortunately for the visitors the full-back was able to beat them both to the ball and pass back to Ulreich.
56' Augsburg are attempting to take the sting out of this Bayern side currently as the home side apply lots of pressure on the visitors as they seek for more goals to pile on the misery.
53' The Bayern players are clearly enjoying themselves in this one. The home side are able to laugh about misplaced passes as they cruise through this fixture and onto another three points.
51' SAVE! It could've been four, but a combination of Hitz and the crossbar prevents it. Another cross into the middle, this time from James to Vidal, is headed against the crossbar and goalkeeper manages to catch the rebound as he dives through the air.
49' Kimmich's ability to cross a ball continues to amaze with a fantastic cross to the back post for Lewandowski to meet and fire home.
GOAL! Beautiful. Simply beautiful from Bayern Munich. Lewandowski arrives in the middle to meet a cross and just passes a volley home into the bottom corner with his left foot.
CHANCE! Another opportunity for Augsburg as a corner is whipped into the middle by Max, but Gouweleeuw was stretching to head the ball and glanced it away from Caiuby.
48' Augsburg get the first chance to work something in the match as Heller gallops up the right side without any pressure. However, Finnbogasson was tightly marked in the middle by Hummels and Sule which meant the winger was unable to find him with a cross.
46' Second half is underway!
Zero time added on in the first half, so the whilst goes on the 45th minute. The goals from Bayern have seemingly killed any ambition Augsburg had towards the end of the first 45 minutes. Baum has a task on his hand to inject a second wind into his team.
43' Augsburg just can't get anything to work in this half. Everything the away side try, whether it's dribbling with the ball or pumping it forward there seems to be a red shirt on the end of everything. Baum will be hoping for the break soon.
41' This could be a long afternoon for Augsburg now. Bayern are playing with their tails up and are looking comfortable, which is when the hosts are the most dangerous as they move the ball seamlessly around the pitch.
38' Vidal must get a lot of credit for this goal. The midfielder picked Caiuby's pocket in midfield to win possession before charging up the pitch and sliding a pass to Lewandowski.
GOAL! Vidal slides Lewandowski through on goal to put the Polish international one-on-one with Hitz and the striker makes no mistake in firing the ball past the goalkeeper to double Bayern's lead.
CHANCE! Martinez tries and ambitious effort as a cross is headed to him on the edge of the box and attempts a volley as the ball falls out of the air. However, the Spaniard slices his effort and it flies wide of the mark.
36' Bayern are starting to press really high in this match. James, Robben and Lewandowski are forcing the Augsburg defence apart with a high press and making the away side pump long balls forward.
33' Augsburg get the opportunity to whip a cross into the box with Gregoritsch, but the attacking midfielder opted to shoot instead which Ulreich pushes away from goal and away from danger.
31' Sule shifts the ball to Vidal and gets the assist.
GOAL! Bayern breach the Augsburg defence at last. A cross into the box starts a scramble, which leads to Finnbogasson clearing an effort off the line from Hummels. However, the ball then falls to Vidal who smashes home into the roof of the net.
30' Gouweleeuw brings down Robben on the edge of the box and gets a yellow card.
29' Augsburg manage their first corner of the match as a cross is put behind. Max's set-piece is skims to the back post off the head of Rafinha, which Caiuby tries to volley on goal but his effort goes above the crossbar and into the stands.
27' Neither side are able off maintaining possession currently. Both Augsburg and Bayern are just swapping possession in the midfield at the moment as both Ulreich and Hitz take a back seat for a period.
25' Whilst there hasn't been much action in front of goal to report on, the atmosphere inside the Allianz Arena is fantastic. The home support haven't stopped singing all match and are spurring their team on!
23' It seems as if the tempo is starting to drop in this fixture now. The home side are attempting a few more ambitious passes as some frustration may be creeping into Bayern Munich as we approach the 25th minute.
20' The main thing that is letting Augsburg down at the moment are the number of fouls they're giving away. The away side have been drawn into hard tackles on five different occasions already and they're unable to generate any respite.
18' The midfield from Augsburg appear to be getting deeper and deeper, which is inviting Hummels to play further up the field as the majoirty of red shirts currently sit in the away side's half trying to break down the defence.
16' Opare dives into Rafinha and collects a yellow card.
15' Whilst Augsburg seem to be set-up well this afternoon, with the rare opportunities they're getting on the ball they seem to be rushing the play, which is only leading to them handing possession back to Bayern to apply more pressure.
13' SAVE! A cheeky effort from Lewanowski as James hooks a cross in to the middle which the striker manages to get to by nipping in front of Gouweleeuw. Hitz managed to chest the ball away, but it was fortunate that it just hit his body!
11' Robben commits a foul as Caiuby launches a counter-attack for the away side. Baum has his side set-up well for the quick breaks and Bayern must be wary of that this afternoon.
9' Bayern are playing very wide in this fixture. The home side are stretching the play as much as they can currently as Augsburg's defence seems resilient. Heynckes' side are delivering a lot of crosses into the box but not much else so far.
7' First yellow card of the match goes to Khedira very early in the match.
Robben tries his trademark move by shifting the ball onto his left foot whilst gliding up the right side. However, his shot towards goal is deflected and only manages to go out for a corner kick.
5' CHANCE! James delivers a deep free-kick into the Augsburg box, which Vidal heads back across goal. Sule manages to get on the end of the header, but his effort goes over the crossbar.
3' Lewandowski is already looking dangerous! The striker gallops down the right flank and attempts to cut into the box to shoot. However, Opare puts in a fantastic sliding tackle to win the ball back for the away side.
1' The match is underway!
Augsburg keep their side relatively similar from their previous outing after drawing 1-1 with Leverkusen. The only introduction to the starting XI is Finnbogasson with Gregoritsch moving back into the attacking midfield role. Meanwhile, Heynckes has decided to alter his whole left side with Alaba, Thiago and Coman missing out.
Subs: Luthe, Stafyldis, Moravek, Schmid, Callsen-Bracker, Koo, Ji.
Augsburg (4-2-3-1): Hitz; Max, Gouweleeuw, Danso, Opare; Baier, Khedira, Caiuby, Gregoritsch, Heller; Finnbogason.
Subs: Boateng, Rudy, Starke, Tolisso, Alaba, Wriedt.
Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1): Ulreich; Kimmich, Sule, Hummels, Rafinha; Vidal, Martinez; Bernat, Rodriguez, Robben; Lewandowski.
Meanwhile, Manuel Baum’s side are very much in the hunt for the Europa League positions, despite sitting in mid-table. However, very few people fancy the away side to match their terrific performance at the Allianz Arena in 2015 when they came away with all three points.
Since the arrival of Jupp Heynckes at the club again, Bayern Munich have been on a fantastic run, dismissing the likes of Borussia Dortmund 3-1 away from home. The home support will be expecting that to continue today as Augsburg visit.
Hello and welcome to the live text commentary between Bayern Munich and Augsburg. We’ll be guiding you through all the action as it happens at the Allianz Arena.


D. Opare
N. Süle
M. Hummels
J. Gouweleeuw
M. Heller
R. Khedira
Javi Martínez
R. Lewandowski
D. Baier
A. Robben
J. Rodríguez
M. Gregoritsch
Juan Bernat
A. Vidal
S. Ulreich
A. Finnbogason
P. Max
J. Kimmich
M. Hitz
K. Danso

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M. Schmidt
T. Siewer
Fourth official
M. Petersen

Match Stats

Bayern München Augsburg
39 Attacks (Dangerous) 19
6 Corners 3
13 Fouls 16
17 Free Kicks 13
6 Goal Kicks 11
0 Offsides 1
4 Shots (blocked) 1
5 Shots (off target) 4
2 Shots (on target) 1
1 Shots (woodwork) 0
13 Throw Ins 19

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