Premier League
10 February 2018
Game week
0 - 0
1 - 0
Wembley Stadium (London)


H. Kane (G) 49' (assist by: B. Davies)
1 - 0


Minute   Description
Arsenal were second best for most of the game, but they were presented with an excellent opportunity to grab themselves a point late on. It wasn't one they could take, however, and it means they have to leave empty-handed at the end of another fascinating north London derby. As is often the case, Kane rose high to head in for his side, momentarily sending them up to third place in the table.
90'+6 Ozil steps up and shoots, but he can't clear the wall with his curling strike and Tottenham are easily able to hold on. That should be that.
90'+5 Arsenal push forward on one final attacking move and are able to win themselves a late, late free-kick after Welbeck is caught from behind by Dembele. Dier doesn't react kindly to the decision and earns himself a late booking for dissent.
90'+3 Lacazette almost equalises! A wonderful pass from Iwobi gets the better of both Sanchez and Vertonghen before finding Lacazette inside the box. The striker latches onto the ball and takes on Lloris, but his low strike misses the far post by the narrowest of inches. What a goal that would have been!
90'+1 Great chance for Lacazette! Bellerin is left all alone out wide, allowing him to swing a cross right over to Lacazette. The Frenchman quickly shoots, but his first-time volley is woefully hit and sails high over the top of the crossbar.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
89' Lamela almost makes it 2-0! The Arsenal back line are caught out by the Argentine, who breaks through the defence and latches onto a lofted pass from Davies. He only has Cech to beat, but, from a slightly tight angle, ends up firing a thumping strike just wide of the far post.
87' Welbeck is almost immediately brought into the game thanks to a great pass from Wilshere. It evades Wanyama and looks set to find the Arsenal substitute, but Lloris charges out and dives on the ball at the vital moment.
86' Meanwhile, Welbeck has come on to replace Xhaka for Arsenal. It's now or never for the Gunners, you feel.
85' Alli receives a rousing round of applause from the home fans as he's replaced by Wanyama. It's an understandable defensive switch by Pochettino.
84' Kane sprints down the right wing and takes on Monreal, who comes out on top but has to poke the ball behind for a corner. The cross manages to pick out Dier, but the midfielder mistimes his header and sends it well wide of the goal.
82' Once again, an Arsenal player is able to break through the Tottenham back line and towards goal. Another good pass from Ozil manages to pick out a team-mate, but this time it's Aubameyang who's caught offside just as he's about to unleash a shot.
80' Lacazette breaks down the right flank and manages to latch onto a poked pass from Ozil, but the Frenchman's run forward is slightly mistimed and he's flagged offside before he's able to send a cross into the hosts' box.
79' Lamela loses out in the middle of the pitch and then flies into Wilshere with a reckless sliding challenge, leaving the referee with no choice but to show the Argentine a yellow card.
77' Alli is barged to the ground by Iwobi, resulting in a free-kick for the hosts that's quickly chipped down the left wing. Eriksen runs onto the ball in plenty of space and then tries to find Kane, but his cross into the penalty area is slightly overhit and fails to pick out the striker.
75' Thumping strike by Trippier! Tottenham are all over Arsenal at the moment! Eriksen sends a brilliant cross over to the right-hand side of the Arsenal box and straight to Trippier, who immediately forces Cech into making a great save with a brilliant first-time shot that looked set to find the back of the net.
73' Mustafi fouled Vertonghen in the build-up to that chance on goal and is yellow carded as soon as the ball goes out of play. Amazingly, it's taken 73 minutes for the referee to book anyone!
And now Lamela goes close! Arsenal really do look rattled as they struggle to find a way back into the game. This time it's Lamela who bursts down the right flank before cutting into the penalty area and shooting, but his close-range effort is narrowly turned round the post by Cech.
72' Alli almost makes it 2-0! More poor play from Arsenal allows the home side to push forward once again. Lamela clips a wonderful pass through the visitors' back line and towards Alli, who pokes a shot past the onrushing Cech but can't quite hit the target.
71' Nervy moments at the back for Cech! Mustafi knocks the ball to Cech and causes problems for the goalkeeper, who tries to poke it back to the German but has it closed down by Alli. Luckily for Cech, the ball bounces behind instead of towards his goal.
70' Tottenham have made their first alteration of the afternoon, with Erik Lamela coming on to replace Son.
69' What a miss by Son! Arsenal sloppily lose possession out wide, allowing Tottenham to quickly counter-attack. Alli immediately cuts inside and works the ball over to Son, who shoots first time but fires his 20-yard strike high over the top of the crossbar and almost out of the stadium.
68' Great strike by Wilshere! Aubameyang, who is now operating over on the left flank, bursts down the wing before chipping a cross into the middle of the Tottenham box. It's only cleared as far as Wilshere, who shoots from the edge of the penalty area but has his curling shot pushed away by the diving Lloris.
66' Kane breaks through the middle of the pitch and looks as if he's set to reach the Arsenal penalty area, but he ends up pushing Wilshere to the ground as he does and is penalised for a foul, much to the annoyance of the home players and fans.
65' And the second is Elneny, with Iwobi replacing him.
Arsenal have decided to make a double substitution. The first player to make way is Mkhitaryan, who is replaced by Lacazette.
64' More good play by Alli results in another corner for the home side, this time over on the right wing. An out-swinger from Eriksen is sent towards the near post, but Xhaka gets a head on the ball to deny Tottenham a chance on goal.
62' The corner initially causes a few problems for Cech as it swings towards the six-yard box, but the goalkeeper is just about able to punch the ball away from danger. Eriksen then curls in another cross from the left wing, but this time it comfortably finds the hands of the Arsenal goalkeeper.
61' Alli is barged to the ground by Mustafi as he tries to break down the left flank, resulting in a free-kick for Tottenham out wide. It's swung towards the near post and manages to bounce into the path of Dier, who tries to knock the ball over his head and towards goal but is closed down by Xhaka and has to settle for a corner.
59' Ozil and Bellerin link up nicely deep down the right wing, setting up the latter to cut a clever pass into the penalty area. He does so and manages to pick out Xhaka, but the midfielder is well marshalled by Vertonghen and can't find a way past the Belgian.
57' The resulting set-piece is then sent over to the far post and right onto the head of Davies, who does well to latch onto the cross but can't quite hit the target with his bullet header.
56' Excellent save by Cech! Eriksen steps up and unleashes a wonderful curling strike that looks set to find the top left-hand corner of the net, but Cech is there to palm it over the crossbar and behind for a corner.
55' Son weaves his way towards the Arsenal penalty area on a wonderful run as the home side continue to dominate the game. He reaches the box and is hacked down by Bellerin, leaving the referee with no choice but to award them a free-kick in a promising position. Can they make it count?
53' Another excellent opportunity for Kane! The striker is making a real nuisance of himself as he continues to cause all sorts of problems for the Arsenal defence. He latches onto another great cross before unleashing a rocket of a strike from the edge of the box, but it's well dealt with by Cech before Alli isn't quite able to fire a follow-up.
51' What a chance for Kane to double the hosts' lead! This time it's Dier who is left in a pocket of space midway inside the Arsenal half of the pitch, allowing him to curl a cross into the penalty area. It perfectly picks out Kane, but the striker ends up sending his glancing header agonisingly wide of the far post.
49' For one of the first times today, far too much space was left available over on the left flank. It allowed Davies to latch onto the ball before swinging a wonderful cross right onto the head of Kane.
GOAL! Kane opens the scoring for Tottenham! The striker has largely been starved of service this afternoon, but he easily managed to get the better of Koscielny before beating Cech with an excellent downward header that nestled into the bottom left-hand corner of the net. Wembley is rocking!
47' Tottenham quickly go on the front foot as they try to enjoy a similar start to the second half as the one they enjoyed in the first. Son and Davies link up nicely on the edge of the penalty area before the full-back crosses, but Mustafi is there to close down the defender and deal with the danger at the near post.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
It's been an evenly fought game so far, with Tottenham seeing slightly more of the ball than their opponents but struggling to do much with it. The hosts enjoyed a fast start to the afternoon before finding themselves being pegged back by an Arsenal defence that has remained compact and well-organised, leaving them scratching their heads inside the final third. The Gunners have shown a few glimmers of promise on the break but need to increase the tempo of their attacks after the break if they're to find a way in front.
45' Kane floats a clever lofted pass over to the left-hand side of the Arsenal penalty area and into the feet Son, who quickly knocks the ball back to Eriksen. The Dane then tries to find Kane once again, but the visitors have plenty of bodies back to deal with the danger.
43' Tottenham try to carve out a chance on goal before the half-time break, but they're unable to find a way through the sea of red and white in front of them and Arsenal comfortably hold on. Wilshere then tries to break away, but he's clattered into from behind by Dembele and has to settle for a free-kick on the halfway line.
41' Arsenal come back once again as they continue enjoying a decent spell of possession. This time it's Bellerin who is brought into the game out wide and quickly shoots from 20 yards out, but there's slightly too much power behind his strike and it sails over the crossbar.
40' After dealing with the threat, Arsenal quickly break down the right wing through Ozil. The German heads deep down the flank before lifting a deep cross over to Monreal, who nods the down towards Aubameyang but can only find the feet of Sanchez at the near post.
39' Mustafi is penalised for an accidental handball as he battles with Son out wide, resulting in a decent opportunity for Tottenham to float the ball into the box. Eriksen's cross is a decent one but, not for the first time today, Mustafi is there to comfortably clear the danger.
37' It's been a tough 10 minutes or so for Son, who was firmly involved in all the action earlier in the game but is now struggling to get involved. Trippier sprints down the right wing before spinning and finding Eriksen, who tries to pick out Son with a cross-field pass but sends it slightly in front of the South Korean.
35' Oops! Arsenal are able to carve out a decent chance for themselves after Mkhitaryan is this time found by Wilshere, but the Armenian rushes his first-time cross from the edge of the box and a truly terrible pass loops high over everyone and out for a throw-in on the opposite flank.
33' Another attempted Tottenham attacking move fails to result in a chance on goal, allowing the visitors to counter-attack quickly. Wilshere heads towards the halfway line before trying to pick out Mkhitaryan, but Dier is there to get a head on the ball before it can find the Armenian in acres of space out wide.
31' Alli charges down the left flank after good play by Kane and quickly cuts towards the edge of the Arsenal box. He then pokes a deft pass towards the onrushing Eriksen, but Cech is there to dive on the ball ahead of the Dane.
29' More good play out wide by the hosts results in another corner over on the left wing. Eriksen's cross is a deep one and picks out Trippier, who unleashes a cross-cum-shot that deflects off Aubameyang and out to Dembele. The Belgian shoots and fires a scuffed strike towards the near post, where Dier tries to get a foot on it but is taken by surprise by the flight of the ball.
27' Huge chance for Kane to open the scoring! Arsenal's defence fall asleep momentarily, allowing Kane to break through the middle and latch onto a lovely Eriksen cross. The striker looks set to test Cech from eight yards out, but he can't quite make decent contact with the ball and sends his headed effort over the top of the crossbar.
25' Tottenham decide to attack down the right flank instead of the left and manage to find some joy through Trippier. The full-back is left in a pocket of space and quickly curls a cross into the penalty area, where Eriksen gets his head on the ball but can only send it looping into the hands of Cech.
24' After a pretty frantic start to the game, the pace of the contest has slowed down somewhat. Tottenham are continuing to enjoy the vast majority of possession but are struggling to find a way through Arsenal's back line, which remains compact and well-organised.
22' A bit of space opens up out wide for Arsenal, who quickly try to carve out their first chance on goal this afternoon. Mkhitaryan cuts inside from the wing and chips a cross into the middle of the box, but it's poorly hit and Lloris is able to watch it sail behind for a goal-kick.
20' Tottenham are continuing to try and find joy over on the left wing, but Arsenal have defended well and are making life tough for the hosts. Once again, Son beraks down the flank and tries to latch onto a cross-field pass from Sanchez, but Bellerin is there to skip in front of the Spurs man and deal with the danger.
18' Sloppy play by Arsenal gifts possession to the home side once again. Tottenham quickly try to take advantage of the error, but they're unable to as Son's 25-yard strike is comfortably saved by Cech at the near post.
16' Son goes down out wide, but Alli is there to pick up the ball and keep a dangerous Tottenham attack on track. He then brings the South Korean back into the move and sets him up to take on Bellerin, but once again it's the South Korean who comes out on top with a well-timed tackle near to the byline.
14' Son twists and turns over on the left-hand side of the visitors' box, but he can't quite get past Bellerin and has to settle for a corner. This time Eriksen decides to swing a cross into the heart of the penalty area, where Dier does well to meet it but can't hit the target with his downward header.
12' Almost a great chance for Aubameyang! Wilshere picks up the ball in the middle of the pitch and immediately sends a wonderful pass through the middle of the Tottenham back line. It perfectly finds Aubameyang in front of goal, but the striker's run into the penalty area was slightly mistimed and he's quickly flagged offside.
11' Monreal sprints down the left wing and curls a cross into the middle of the Tottenham box, where Aubameyang rises high but can't quite latch onto the ball. Ozil keeps the danger alive before trying to find the Gabonese forward once again, but this time Vertonghen is there to deal with the danger at the near post.
9' Vital touch by Mustafi! A lovely flick from Kane sets up Alli to dart into the left-hand side of the visitors' box. The attacking midfielder heads towards goal before poking a pass over to Kane, who looks set to shoot but loses out to Mustafi at the last possible moment.
7' Son beats Bellerin out wide and this time it's Tottenham who are presented with an early corner. It's sent short and worked over to Eriksen, who crosses but can only find the head of Xhaka in the heart of the Arsenal penalty area.
6' Son breaks away down the left once again before taking on Mustafi inside the penalty area. The defender does well to keep the South Korean at bay before the ball is worked over to Trippier, who tries to curl a cross into the box but is quickly closed down by Mkhitaryan.
5' Aubameyang charges down the right wing and manages to latch onto a 50-yard lofted pass before winning an early corner for Arsenal. It's swung in by Xhaka and heads towards the edge of the six-yard box, but Alli is there to head the ball away from danger.
3' It's the home side who start the brightest of the two teams as they immediately put pressure on their rivals. Davies and Son link up nicely over on the left flank before the latter breaks into the box, but he can't quite pick out a team-mate before being dispossessed by Mustafi.
1' We're off! Arsenal get us underway, attacking from right to left.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has made two alterations to the team that featured in their last outing, with Iwobi and injured hat-trick hero Ramsey making way for Elneny and Wilshere, respectively.
Mauricio Pochettino has decided to name an unchanged Tottenham side to the one that drew with Liverpool last weekend, with Eriksen, Alli and Son once again starting in a three behind Kane, who is searching for his fifth league goal in as many games. There’s also a place on the substitutes’ bench for new signing Lucas, who could make his Premier League debut today.
Arsenal substitutes: David Ospina, Calum Chambers, Sead Kolasinac, Ashley Maitland-Niles, Danny Welbeck, Alex Iwobi, Alexandre Lacazette.
Arsenal XI (4-2-3-1): Petr Cech; Hector Bellerin, Shkodran Mustafi, Laurent Koscielny, Nacho Monreal; Mohamed Elneny, Granit Xhaka; Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere, Henrikh Mkhitaryan; Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
Tottenham Hotspur substitutes: Michel Vorm, Serge Aurier, Danny Rose, Victor Wanyama, Moussa Sissoko, Lucas Moura, Erik Lamela.
Tottenham Hotspur XI (4-2-3-1): Hugo Lloris; Kieran Trippier, Davinson Sanchez, Jan Vertonghen, Ben Davies; Eric Dier, Mousa Dembele; Christian Eriksen, Dele Alli, Son Heung-Min; Hary Kane.
There’s just under 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this afternoon…
January has been heralded as the start of a new era for Arsenal, who are once again set to do battle with new acquisitions Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. The duo hit the ground running in last weekend’s 5-1 thrashing of Everton but face a much tougher task today. Tottenham have conceded just three goals in their last five home league games, while their opponents have won only one of their previous six clashes on the road.
It hasn’t been entirely plain-sailing for Arsenal for much of this season, and that’s certainly been the case over the last few weeks. Arsene Wenger’s men have won just two of their last six league games, although they did enjoy a morale-boosting win against Chelsea in the EFL Cup. They followed that with a defeat away to struggling Swansea, however, indicating just how much they’ve been struggling for consistency this campaign.
It was Arsenal who came out on top the last time these two sides met, and they’ll be aiming to do the double over their rivals for the first time since 2014 as they try to avoid falling too far behind the top four. A defeat coupled with wins for Chelsea and Liverpool would leave the Gunners eight points away from the Champions League qualifying spots, and with runaway leaders Manchester City their next Premier League opponents, too.
A win, on the other hand, would temporarily move them above both Chelsea and Liverpool and into third place, giving their Champions League hopes a huge boost while severely denting Arsenal’s chances. Tottenham find themselves on an eight-game unbeaten run thanks to a string of positive performances, with a 2-0 victory against Manchester United and last-gasp draw away to Liverpool filling them with plenty of confidence.
The first ever north London derby to be staged at the new Wembley Stadium is set to be a belter, with both sides battling hard for a place in the top four as they desperately try to qualify for next season’s Champions League. As it stands, Tottenham have an advantage over their fierce rivals, but their lead could be cut to just one point if they slip up and suffer their first league defeat of 2018.
Good afternoon and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s north London derby between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal at Wembley.


H. Lloris
K. Trippier
J. Vertonghen
D. Sánchez
L. Koscielny
H. Mkhitaryan
Son Heung-Min
H. Kane
J. Wilshere
M. Özil
P. Aubameyang
E. Dier
Nacho Monreal
M. Dembélé
S. Mustafi
D. Alli
C. Eriksen
G. Xhaka
B. Davies
P. Čech
Mohamed Elneny

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Tottenham Hotspur Arsenal
57 Attacks (Dangerous) 41
10 Corners 2
14 Fouls 8
15 Free Kicks 15
6 Goal Kicks 13
1 Offsides 6
1 Shots (blocked) 2
7 Shots (off target) 3
8 Shots (on target) 1
0 Shots (woodwork) 0
21 Throw Ins 10

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