7 - 1

La Liga
26 April 2017
Game week
2 - 0
7 - 1
Camp Nou (Barcelona)


L. Messi (G) 12'
1 - 0
André Gomes (G) 30' (assist by: I. Rakitić)
2 - 0
2 - 1
48' Roberto Torres (G)
André Gomes (G) 57'
3 - 1
L. Messi (G) 61' (assist by: I. Rakitić)
4 - 1
Paco Alcácer (G) 64' (assist by: J. Mascherano)
5 - 1
J. Mascherano (PG) 67'
6 - 1
Paco Alcácer (G) 86' (assist by: Denis Suárez)
7 - 1


Minute   Description
As the scoreline suggests, that certainly was a comfortable game for Barcelona, who were all over their opponents from start to finish. Osasuna looked slightly better for 10 minutes after the break but quickly fell apart when Gomes made it 3-1 with his second goal of the game, and from then onwards the only question was how many goals the home side would be able to score.
90'+2 Barcelona push forward on their final attack of the game before Gomes unleashes a cross-cum-shot from the left wing, but it's poorly hit and sails high and wide of the goal. That should be that for the hosts, who have enjoyed a very easy evening.
90'+1 Late chance for Rakitic! The Croatian has an opportunity to make it 8-1 to the home side as he unleashes a low shot from the edge of the penalty area, but, despite taking a wicked deflection, Sirigu is just about able to push the effort wide of the near post.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be two minutes of added time.
89' After just about managing to deal with yet another Barcelona attacking move, Osasuna try to push forward on a quick counter-attack. It fails to result in any sort of chance on goal, though, as Gomes is there to easily dispossess Olavide.
88' Denis cuts inside from the left flank and does well to carve out a bit space for himself before shooting, but his thumping strike is closed down well by a group of orange shirts and fails to test Sirigu.
86' That really was a wonderful through-ball from Denis, who has really impressed during the second half and has arguably been one of Barcelona's best players since the break.
GOAL! Alcacer makes it 7-1 with his second goal of the game! Denis sends a beautiful pass through the disjointed Osasuna back line and into the path of Alcacer, who darts into the box and rounds Sirigu before poking the ball into the back of an empty net.
85' Chance for Alena! A curling cross from Alcacer isn't dealt with well enough by the Osasuna back line and falls to Alena, who immediately unleashes a first-time shot. It fails to trouble Sirigu, however, as the youngster's strike has slightly too much power behind it.
83' Fausto tries to kick-start a quick counter-attack deep down the right wing after doing well to dispossess Denis, but the Barcelona midfielder regains his composure quickly and wins the back for the hosts with a smart tackle.
81' Great defending by Mascherano! Kenan immediately flies down the left flank on a brilliant run before cutting inside and trying to penetrate the Barcelona penalty area. He's unable to do so, though, as Mascherano rushes back to dispossess the 23-year-old with an excellent sliding tackle.
80' Alcacer and Alena link up well just outside of the Osasuna box before the latter tries to set up Turan to his right, but his first-time pass is poor and can only find the feet of Kenan.
79' Osasuna have made their final alteration of the evening, with Merida making way for Goran Causic.
77' Denis and Turan link up well on the edge of the Osasuna penalty area before the latter tries to poke a quick pass into the box. It looks as if it's going to meet Denis near the penalty spot but Mondragon is there to cut out the danger at the vital moment.
75' With six goals under their belts, Barcelona have, understandably, taken their foot off the pedal slightly. They're comfortably passing the ball around inside the Osasuna half of the pitch and are being put under very little pressure by their dispirited visitors.
73' Meanwhile, Kenan Kodro has come on to take the place of Sergio Leon, who saw very little of the ball this evening.
72' Romero has made way for Miguel Olavide in Osasuna's first change of the night.
71' This time it's Gomes who causes the Osasuna back line all sorts of problems as he weaves into the visitors' penalty area, but, like Denis, he's unable to find a team-mate with his cut back from the byline.
69' Denis darts forward on another great run before penetrating the left-hand side of the penalty area. He reaches the byline and then tries to cut a pass back to a team-mate, but it's cut out by an orange shirt at the vital moment.
67' GOAL! Mascherano scores his first ever goal for Barcelona! The penalty is given to the Argentine, and he rifles a brilliant shot into the roof of the net to end his goal-drought on his 319th appearance for the club. What a moment for him!
66' PENALTY! Denis weaves inside the Osasuna penalty area as he tries to beat Bunuel before being kicked to the ground by Fran Merida, leaving the referee with no choice but to point to the spot.
64' Mascherano got a good touch on the ball to knock it over to Alcacer, but, once again, Osasuna were all over the place at the back and made life far too easy for the home side.
GOAL! It's a fifth for Barcelona! Alcacer latches on to a loose ball inside the box after the danger isn't fully cleared by the Osasuna back line and easily beats Sirigu from close range for his fifth league goal of the season.
63' Messi receives a standing ovation from the Barcelona fans as he makes way for young Carles Alena.
61' It was Rakitic who set up Messi with a clever pass forward, but the Osasuna midfielders were all over the place and didn't do anywhere near enough to close down the Argentine.
GOAL! Messi makes it 4-1! The Argentine is left in far too much space in the middle of the pitch and is able to dart towards the Osasuna penalty area. He gets himself into a good position and then shoots, and his curling strike leaves Sirigu rooted to the spot as it sails into the bottom left-hand corner of the net.
59' Denis skips towards the Osasuna penalty area before trying to unleash a thumping strike from 20 yards out, but just as he's able to, he has the ball poked away from under his nose and back to Sirigu.
57' GOAL! It's another for Gomes! Another corner causes problems for the Osasuna defence before falling to Gomes, and the Portuguese is easily able to beat Sirigu with a thumping strike from close range.
56' Excellent block by Mondragon! A Barcelona corner curls into the box and finds Pique completely free in front of goal, but his first-time effort is blocked at the vital moment by the outstretched limbs of Mondragon.
55' Rakitic goes down inside the penalty area, but nothing is given! The Croatian flies into the right-hand side of the Osasuna box before being barged to the ground by Mondragon. The midfielder immediately turns to the referee and screams for a penalty, but the man in charge isn't at all interested and allows play to resume with a goal-kick.
54' Osasuna have certainly started the second half far better than they ended the first. They seem to be pressing Barcelona with a lot more intensity and belief, which has taken the home side slightly by surprise.
52' Another chance for Osasuna! De las Cuevas curls a beautiful cross into the Barcelona penalty area and over to the far post, where it finds Torres. The goalscorer meets the ball well before unleashing a rocket of a strike, but it's easily saved by Ter Stegen before it can result in an equaliser.
50' Lovely save by Sirigu! A curling cross floats into the Osasuna box and finds Mascherano in a great position in front of goal. He rises high and sends a downward header towards the near post, but Sirigu gets a hand to the ball to push it on to the post.
48' GOAL! Osasuna are back in the game! Romero embarks on a lovely run towards the Barcelona box before being brought down from behind by Busquets. Torres steps up and unleashes a wonderful curling shot that leaves Ter Stegen rooted to the spot as it sails into the top left-hand corner of the net.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.
So far, so good for Barcelona, who are on their way to an easy victory thanks to a very comfortable first half. They've come up against very little resistance from Osasuna, who seem resigned to the fact that they're on the brink of relegation. As a result, the home side have easily dominated possession, with the ball barely ever spending any time in the Barcelona half of the pitch.
45' Barcelona continue to patiently pass the ball around as they comfortably keep it away from a clearly dispirited Osasuna side, but the referee brings an end to the first half before they can carve out another chance on goal.
43' More comfortable play for Barcelona results in a chance for Turan to swing a cross into the penalty area. He doesn't do so quickly enough, however, allowing Osasuna to easily deal with the danger.
41' It's been a really tough first half for Osasuna, who started well but are struggled to get anywhere near the ball. Barcelona are comfortably passing it around their opponents and, despite there being 50 minutes left to play, are all but certain to win tonight unless the visitors can up their game in the second half.
39' Great save by Sirigu! Merida catches Turan with a clumsy challenge and sends the midfielder crashing to the ground, resulting in a free-kick for Barcelona in a very promising position. Messi steps up and swings a lovely cross right to Alcacer, who forces Sirigu into making a smart diving stop.
37' Excellent opportunity for Turan! Mascherano curls a beautiful cross into the middle of the Osasuna box and picks out Turan completely unmarked, but the Turkish midfielder can't make decent contact with the ball and ends up sending a glancing header wide of the goal.
36' Osasuna are unable to clear the danger fully from the edge of their own penalty area and allow Digne to dart down the left wing on a great run. He cuts towards the box and then tries to tee up Messi, who is in a pocket of space in front of goal, but the pass is slightly mishit and fails to find the Argentine.
34' Rakitic controls the ball well deep down the right wing as he skips past his marker and thumps a cross into the Osasuna penalty area. There's no one there to meet it, however, allowing the visitors to easily deal with the danger.
32' Denis, who has struggled to get into the game so far, embarks on a good run through the middle of the pitch before trying to unleash a 25-yard strike, but he's closed down well by the Osasuna midfielders and is dispossessed before he can shoot.
30' Rakitic did really well to pick out Gomes with a clever and precise ball into the box, but Osasuna were a bit too slow in trying to put the home side under pressure, which allowed them to easily find space deep inside the visitors' half of the pitch.
GOAL! It's 2-0 to Barcelona! The resulting corner is sent short before Rakitic fires a bouncing cross into the heart of the penalty area. It isn't dealt with well enough by the Osasuna defence and reaches Gomes, who then fires a wonderful side-footed shot past Sirigu and into the back of the net.
29' Messi goes close! Poor play from Fran Merida gifts possession to the Argentine, who then unleashes a bouncing shot from just outside of the penalty area. It looks set to find the back of the net but deflects off a defender and just wide of the far post.
28' Messi twists and turns as he weaves his way through a sea of orange shirts just outside of the Osasuna penalty area. He then pokes a deft through-ball into the box and towards Turan, whose first touch is heavy and allows Aitor Bunuel to easily clear the danger.
26' Chance for Messi! A lovely lofted pass forward from Gerard Pique picks out Paco Alcacer, who then knocks a clever ball back to Messi. The Argentine meets it well and shoots quickly, but his thumping strike flies a few yards over the top of the crossbar.
24' Osasuna initially enjoy their best spell of possession so far, but it quickly comes to an end as Barcelona easily win the ball back. They then broke forward quickly before Gomes swings a cross into the box, but it's easily blocked and fails to find a team-mate in front of goal.
22' Turan initially does well to dispossess Jaime Romero as the midfielder tries to dart towards the Barcelona box, but he can only poke the ball over to Miguel de las Cuevas. The number 20 quickly attempts to swing a cross into the penalty area, but he's unable to do so and the home side easily deal with the danger.
20' Messi spots a clever run forward from Turan and picks out the midfielder with a lovely lofted pass into the Osasuna penalty area. The Turkey international is unable to do much with it, however, as his downward header fails to find a team-mate in front of goal.
18' Messi and Turan link up well on the left-hand side of the Osasuna box before the latter spins and sets up Digne. The defender takes a quick touch and then swings a cross over to Rakitic, who rises high but is unable to beat Fuentes to the ball.
16' Another Barcelona corner, won by Denis Suarez, causes a few problems for the Osasuna defence after being curled into a dangerous position, but this time Fuentes is there to clear the threat at the vital moment.
14' Barcelona quickly win the ball back from the restart and earn themselves a corner after Lucas Digne's long-range shot is deflected out of play. The corner is swung towards the far post and almost finds Rakitic, but Torres is there to thump the ball away from danger.
12' GOAL! Barcelona have taken an early lead! A terrible pass from Fausto fails to reach Jhon Mondragon and is instead picked up by Lionel Messi. He flies through the disjointed Osasuna back line and into the box before taking on Salvatore Sirigu, who is beaten by a wonderful dinked shot from the Argentine.
11' Messi is brought down from behind by Fausto and wins a free-kick for Barcelona in a promising position. It's sent short and worked over to Rakitic on the edge of the box, but he's unable to find a way into the penalty area and loses out to a group of orange shirts.
9' Busquets loses the ball in the middle of the pitch and Roberto Torres immediately tries to catch out Marc-Andre ter Stegen with an audacious effort from the halfway line. Unsurprisingly, the strike fails to test the German and bounces straight into his hands.
7' Andre Gomes picks up the ball in a pocket of space over on the right flank and quickly tries to tee up Ivan Rakitic with a deft pass into the penalty area. It's poorly hit though, allowing the Osasuna defence to shepherd the ball out for a goal-kick.
5' The home side continue bossing possession as they put plenty of early pressure on their opponents. This time it's Sergio Busquets who tries to set up Turan over on the left flank, but he's unable to find a way past Fausto Tienza, who cuts out the danger well.
3' Barcelona move the ball around nicely deep inside the Osasuna half of the pitch before Javier Mascherano tries to pick out Arda Turan. He chips a nice pass into the box and towards the Turkish midfielder, but, despite his best efforts, he can't stop the ball from sailing out of play.
1' We're off! Barcelona get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Osasuna boss Petar Vasiljevic has made four alterations to the team that featured in their last outing, with Nikola Vujadinovic, Carlos Clerc, Goran Causic and Kenan making way for Jhon Mondragon, Fran Merida, Miguel de las Cuevas and Jaime Romero.
Luis Enrique has decided to make five changes to the Barcelona side that started the win away to Real Madrid, with Javier Mascherano, Lucas Digne, Denis Suarez, Andre Gomes and Arda Turan coming into the starting line-up to replace Sergi Roberto, Samuel Umtiti, Jordi Alba, Andres Iniesta and Luis Suarez, respectively.
Osasuna substitutes: Mario, Causic, Kenan, Clerc, Barja, Marquez, Olavide.
Osasuna (4-4-2): Sirigu; Bunuel, Oier, Mondragon, Fuentes; Torres, Fausto, Merida, De las Cuevas; Romero, Leon.
Barcelona substitutes: Cillessen, Umtiti, Alba, Alena, Roberto, Iniesta, Suarez.
Barcelona XI (3-1-4-2): Ter Stegen; Mascherano, Pique, Digne; Busquets; Denis, Rakitic, Gomes, Turan; Messi, Alcacer.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening...
Tonight’s clash is set to be another tough one for Osasuna, who have only managed to beat Barcelona once in the last 13 meetings between the two sides. December’s game at the Estadio El Sadar resulted in a relatively comfortable 3-0 win for the Blaugrana, whilst the last meeting on this ground saw tonight’s hosts lose 7-0 in a merciless hammering.
They aren’t dead and buried just yet, though, as a recent upturn in form has given the struggling side a glimmer of hope. A win against Deportivo Alaves at the start of the month ended a truly dreadful 21-game winless run and was followed by a big victory against Leganes, whilst Saturday’s 2-2 draw at home to Sporting Gijon also represented another well-earned result for a side that are desperately fighting for their lives.
This season has been a pretty miserable one for Osasuna, who, after returning to LaLiga to end a two-year stay in the second tier, have struggled at the wrong end of the table for much of the campaign. As such, a nine-point gap currently separating themselves and 17th-place Leganes means that they are almost certain to drop back down come the end of the season.
Nonetheless, the victory will have given them a huge boost as they attempt to beat Zinedine Zidane’s men to the title at the final hurdle. The win means that they have now won their last two games in a row after slipping up against Malaga at the start of the month, and they will be looking to make that three out of three as they take on an Osasuna side that are incredibly close to being relegated.
Sunday’s last-gasp and wonderfully entertaining victory away to arch rivals Real Madrid ensured that the fight for the league title is well and truly on. The win, made possible thanks to a last-minute Lionel Messi winner, means that Barcelona head into tonight’s clash at the top of the table for only the second time in 2017, although they still have a game in hand over Los Blancos.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s LaLiga game between Barcelona and Osasuna at Camp Nou.


M. ter Stegen
I. Rakitić
Sergio Busquets
Denis Suárez
Sergio León
A. Turan
Roberto Torres
L. Messi
J. Mascherano
Fausto Tienza
Jaime Romero
Paco Alcácer
Fran Mérida
L. Digne
De las Cuevas
André Gomes
S. Sirigu
Aitor Buñuel
J. Mondragón

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José Munuera
José Matías
Fourth official
Cristóbal Montoro

Match Stats

Barcelona Osasuna
55 Attacks (Dangerous) 17
10 Corners 1
4 Fouls 6
9 Free Kicks 5
0 Goal Kicks 11
1 Offsides 3
1 Shots (blocked) 0
6 Shots (off target) 0
4 Shots (on target) 1
2 Shots (woodwork) 0
21 Throw Ins 13

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