# Name Score R1 R2 R3 R4 Total
1R. Knox (won after play-off)-1471696866274View events
2R. Fox-1467697068274View events
3Jorge Campillo-1370716965275View events
4Jon Rahm-1274696766276View events
4E. Van Rooyen-1271656674276View events
6Z. Lombard-970687269279View events
6T. Olesen-972697068279View events
6A. Sullivan-973726569279View events
6D. Willett-968706972279View events
10R. Jacquelin-871706871280View events
10M. Pavon-868687371280View events
12J. Lagergren-769686975281View events
12P. Uihlein-770707071281View events
14A. Björk-669737169282View events
14A. Chesters-668737368282View events
14D. Frittelli-669746871282View events
14Y. Miyazato-669727269282View events
14C. Wood-670717467282View events
19C. Bezuidenhout-572687370283View events
19N. Colsaerts-572707269283View events
19M. Ilonen-570727170283View events
19A. Saddier-568766970283View events
19L. Westwood-568717074283View events
24G. Coetzee-471716973284View events
24S. Horsfield-469697472284View events
24M. Nixon-472697370284View events
27J. Suri-376677270285View events
28D. Burmester-271707273286View events
28D. Drysdale-276697071286View events
28O. Fisher-274687173286View events
28B. Hebert-272737071286View events
28S. Lowry-272707470286View events
28R. McIlroy-270737271286View events
28Otaegui Adrian-269747469286View events
28R. Rock-268776972286View events
28R. Wattel-272727567286View events
37Gonzalo Fernandez Castano-171717273287View events
37A. Rai-172717272287View events
37R. Sterne-175687173287View events
40T. AikenE71737272288View events
40P. DunneE73727271288View events
40D. FichardtE72727074288View events
40D. HorseyE74697273288View events
40S. JamiesonE69747471288View events
40G. McDowellE71737371288View events
40R. ParatoreE75677571288View events
40T. PietersE73727370288View events
40R. RamsayE70747470288View events
49A. Bland176697173289View events
49Nacho Elvira169747670289View events
49P. Hanson171737273289View events
49T. Jaidee173707175289View events
49Pablo Larrazábal174717371289View events
49J. Morrison173707472289View events
49W. Ormsby170737670289View events
49H. Porteous173717372289View events
49Jeunghun Wang174707273289View events
49M. Warren170747273289View events
59T. Bjorn273717472290View events
59D. Brooks274717570290View events
59S. Kjeldsen270737374290View events
59M. Southgate272717374290View events
59S. Thornton272707474290View events
64G. Bourdy371737671291View events
64Jinho Choi369747870291View events
64Ricardo Gouveia373717572291View events
64J. Guerrier376697472291View events
64M. Manassero372727671291View events
69F. Aguilar472717475292View events
69B. Dredge472737572292View events
69B. Stone474707177292View events
72A. Dodt574717474293View events
72P. Waring571717774293View events
74A. Romero670757871294View events
75C. Ford773727179295View events
76J. Dantorp972717777297View events
CUTR. Bland27472146View events
CUTS. Brown27472146View events
CUTP. Harrington26878146View events
CUTP. Khongwatmai27274146View events
CUTM. Korhonen27472146View events
CUTM. Lorenzo-Vera27571146View events
CUTR. Mcgee27274146View events
CUTE. Molinari27670146View events
CUTG. Moynihan27373146View events
CUTC. Paisley27274146View events
CUTE. Pepperell27670146View events
CUTC. Shinkwin 27571146View events
CUTH. Tanihara27175146View events
CUTF. Zanotti27373146View events
CUTK. Aphibarnrat37374147View events
CUTM. Baldwin37275147View events
CUTN. Bertasio38067147View events
CUTRafa Cabrera Bello37671147View events
CUTHyun Cho37473147View events
CUTR. Evans37077147View events
CUTM. Foster37770147View events
CUTGavin Green37374147View events
CUTS. Hend37869147View events
CUTM. Kieffer37572147View events
CUTM. Kinhult37770147View events
CUTJ. Kruyswijk37275147View events
CUTP. Mcginley37374147View events
CUTA. Pavan37473147View events
CUTM. Schwab37176147View events
CUTC. Sharvin37374147View events
CUTL. Slattery37374147View events
CUTJ. Winther37374147View events
CUTL. Bjerregaard47573148View events
CUTS. Chawrasia47375148View events
CUTA. Connelly47573148View events
CUTD. Howell47375148View events
CUTC. Moriarty47375148View events
CUTS. Sharma47474148View events
CUTJ. Smith47375148View events
CUTC. Sordet47474148View events
CUTC. Blomstrand57772149View events
CUTT. Detry57475149View events
CUTO. Farr57772149View events
CUTN. Geyger57574149View events
CUTS. Gros57574149View events
CUTG. Havret57673149View events
CUTLi HaoTong57376149View events
CUTD. Lipsky57376149View events
CUTB. Neil57970149View events
CUTAlvaro Quiros57574149View events
CUTB. Rumford57871149View events
CUTC. Syme57277149View events
CUTS. Brazel67773150View events
CUTL. Gagli67278150View events
CUTD. Im68070150View events
CUTJ. Scrivener67377150View events
CUTM. Siem67377150View events
CUTD. Clarke77576151View events
CUTC. Mcnamara77675151View events
CUTL. Canter87577152View events
CUTM. Fitzpatrick87775152View events
CUTA. Levy88072152View events
CUTCarlos Pigem87577152View events
CUTR. Karlsson97677153View events
CUTM. Wallace98073153View events
CUTScott Fernandez107579154View events
CUTL. Jensen117976155View events
CUTPedro Oriol117877155View events
CUTT. Pulkkanen117778155View events
CUTJ. Walters117580155View events
CUTS. Gallacher127878156View events
CUTJ. Norris148276158View events
CUTC. Koepka157881159View events
CUTC. CannonE
CUTSoo-Min LeeE
CUTN. O'BriainE
DQT. Immelman17174145View events
DQWu Ashun27373146View events
WDM. Fraser67630106View events
WDH. Sturehed880080View events



The Irish Open

European Tour

Republic of Ireland
Jul 05 - Jul 08

Prize money
$ 7,000,000

Round 1 (72)
5 Jul 08:30 - 20:30

Round 2 (72)
6 Jul 08:30 - 20:30

Round 3 (72)
7 Jul 08:30 - 18:30

Round 4 (72)
8 Jul 08:00 - 18:00