# Name Score R1 R2 R3 R4 Total
1Jon Rahm-2465676765264View events
2R. Ramsay-1868706765270View events
2M. Southgate-1865687166270View events
4D. Drysdale-1766697363271View events
4R. Fox-1767667068271View events
4D. Im-1764676872271View events
4J. Rose-1767706668271View events
8B. Hebert-1664676972272View events
8J. Quesne-1670686470272View events
10O. Fisher-1565687070273View events
10T. Fleetwood-1570676868273View events
10H. Tanihara-1570656672273View events
13B. Dredge-1468696770274View events
14P. Hanson-1368716670275View events
14S. Jamieson-1370696670275View events
14H. Matsuyama-1367687268275View events
14G. Moynihan-1367717364275View events
14W. Ormsby-1367707068275View events
14P. Uihlein-1369676970275View events
20A. Chesters-1270677069276View events
20A. Dodt-1271666970276View events
20S. Hend-1271686473276View events
20S. Lowry-1268717166276View events
20Otaegui Adrian-1268696871276View events
20J. Smith-1269696969276View events
20D. Stewart-1267727265276View events
20A. Sullivan-1272686868276View events
20S. Walker-1269716769276View events
20A. Wall-1267687170276View events
30G. Bourdy-1170687069277View events
30M. Hoey-1168727067277View events
30R. Karlsson-1169697069277View events
30C. Shinkwin -1168706871277View events
30L. Slattery-1169687070277View events
30F. Zanotti-1167697269277View events
36M. Armitage-1071696969278View events
36M. Fraser-1071676971278View events
36S. Gallacher-1067697270278View events
36C. Hanson-1070707266278View events
36Li HaoTong-1068707070278View events
36H. Porteous-1071667269278View events
42Eduardo Riva-970707267279View events
42P. Harrington-968697171279View events
42Miguel Jimenez-969707367279View events
42M. Pavon-971696970279View events
42I. Poulter-968707368279View events
42A. Romero-968717070279View events
48F. Aguilar-867717072280View events
48T. Detry-870687072280View events
48D. Horsey-867697866280View events
48M. Manassero-872667369280View events
48T. Olesen-871697367280View events
48P. Peterson-867677175280View events
54P. Dunne-767697471281View events
54M. Fitzpatrick-766727271281View events
54R. Karlberg-768707271281View events
54J. Luiten-771696972281View events
58D. Burmester-670677471282View events
58N. Kimsey-672687072282View events
58R. Langasque-669717270282View events
58SooMin Lee-668717370282View events
62S. Brazel-570707172283View events
62S. Kjeldsen-568687275283View events
64S. Dyson-368727570285View events
CUTR. Bland-36873141View events
CUTD. Brooks-37071141View events
CUTAlejandro Cañizares-37071141View events
CUTRicardo Gouveia-36972141View events
CUTD. Higgins-36972141View events
CUTT. Jaidee-37170141View events
CUTA. Knappe-37269141View events
CUTPablo Larrazábal-36873141View events
CUTS. Manley-36972141View events
CUTD. Perrier-37269141View events
CUTM. Siem-37071141View events
CUTG. Stal-36873141View events
CUTJ. Stalter-37269141View events
CUTR. Sterne-37368141View events
CUTP. Waring-36873141View events
CUTT. Bjorn-27369142View events
CUTRafa Cabrera Bello-26973142View events
CUTV. Dubuisson-26973142View events
CUTJ. Fahrbring-26973142View events
CUTD. Frittelli-27171142View events
CUTL. Jensen-27369142View events
CUTM. Kieffer-27072142View events
CUTP. Lawrie-26973142View events
CUTD. Lipsky-27171142View events
CUTG. McDowell-26775142View events
CUTH. Otto-27072142View events
CUTR. Paratore-27072142View events
CUTB. Stone-27369142View events
CUTL. Bjerregaard-16974143View events
CUTJorge Campillo-17370143View events
CUTR. Finch-17271143View events
CUTM. Foster-17370143View events
CUTF. Fritsch-17568143View events
CUTR. Jacquelin-16974143View events
CUTS. Khan-17271143View events
CUTJ. Lagergren-16974143View events
CUTC. Paisley-17568143View events
CUTWu Ashun-17271143View events
CUTT. AikenE7173144View events
CUTA. BjörkE7470144View events
CUTM. CarlssonE7272144View events
CUTNacho ElviraE7272144View events
CUTD. HowellE7470144View events
CUTD. McelroyE7074144View events
CUTJ. MorrisonE7173144View events
CUTN. O'BriainE7272144View events
CUTJosé OlazabalE7272144View events
CUTB. RitthammerE7173144View events
CUTR. RockE7074144View events
CUTM. WallaceE7173144View events
CUTM. WarrenE6975144View events
CUTJ. Carlsson17075145View events
CUTT. Hatton17570145View events
CUTG. Hurley16976145View events
CUTM. Ilonen16976145View events
CUTA. Johnston17174145View events
CUTD. McGrane17669145View events
CUTR. McIlroy17273145View events
CUTE. Molinari17075145View events
CUTG. Storm17372145View events
CUTS. Thornton17372145View events
CUTR. Wattel17174145View events
CUTS. Chawrasia27571146View events
CUTG. Coetzee27274146View events
CUTN. Fasth27373146View events
CUTR. Kilpatrick27472146View events
CUTT. Pieters27373146View events
CUTJ. Walters27472146View events
CUTN. Bertasio36978147View events
CUTK. Broberg37275147View events
CUTS. Heisele37374147View events
CUTJ. Scrivener37077147View events
CUTPep Angles47672148View events
CUTG. Havret47474148View events
CUTC. Moriarty47177148View events
CUTB. Rumford47474148View events
CUTK. Aphibarnrat57475149View events
CUTChan Shih-Chang57178149View events
CUTN. Colsaerts57277149View events
CUTD. Fichardt57574149View events
CUTT. Immelman57376149View events
CUTAlvaro Quiros57574149View events
CUTJeunghun Wang57673149View events
CUTL. Westwood57673149View events
CUTJose Lima67674150View events
CUTD. Clarke87478152View events
CUTP. Mcginley87676152View events
CUTS. Gros108272154View events
WDJ. Donaldson-866700136View events
WDJ. Van Zyl-171071View events
WDD. Willett17154125View events



The Irish Open

European Tour

Republic of Ireland
Jul 06 - Jul 09

Prize money
$ 7,000,000

Round 1 (72)
6 Jul 08:30 - 19:00

Round 2 (72)
7 Jul 08:30 - 19:00

Round 3 (72)
8 Jul 09:00 - 19:00

Round 4 (72)
9 Jul 09:00 - 19:00